Soundcard Manager

Revision Policy 

All our software is under constant development. It's our policy to post problems and revisions whenever we are notified of any problem with the software, whether it be a small problem or a large problem.

When updating to a newer version, you can just run the new installer package. If for some reason you need to install an earlier version uninstall the current version before installing the new version.

With all the different sound cards and unique computer configurations problems are inevitable.

We thank all the loyal users of the software for their problem reports.

Reported Problems and Status of Problems

None Reported

Revision History

Version 3.3
Fixed program crash using Windows Vista or later and there are no Recording sound devices on computer.

Version 3.3
Minor code updates to stop adding or removing a program from the list while a program is launched.

Version 3.2
Fixed issue when starting up under Windows XP with an error #380 due to a USB device being removed.

Version 3.1
Fixed problem under Windows Vista and Windows 7 where the Master Mute control would not respond correctly with some sound cards.

Version 3.0
Fixed problem where occasionally software would hang on startup under Vista and Windows 7

Version 2.9
Fixed problem with sound controls when running Windows XP. Some sound cards would not respond correctly to the Microphone and Line mute controls on the Playback side. Only Windows XP is affected.

Version 2.8
Fixed installer program where runtime files were not installed correctly on some computers. Problem would manifest itself with error messages from the software that indicate a .ocx file was out of date or not installed correctly.

Version 2.7
Fixed problem while running under Windows Vista, where software would just stop responding with some sound cards that use some non Microsoft standard controls. One example was the Creative Labs Live! , 24 bit external USB card.
After installing new version, you may have to set up the sound devices for each desired program.

Version 2.6
Fixed problem when running under Vista and software would not re-start properly after closing software. Also fixed problem when sometimes a sound card or sound device was not saved unless the "Set Levels" dialog was opened.

Version 2.5
When starting the software and there are no sound card(s) installed and/or a USB sound device not plugged in the software either
stopped responding, or resulted in a runtime error of "380". Software now displays the problem and gracefully exits.

Version 2.4
Fixed problem when running under Vista with UAC running and placed in the startup folder,
software would stop responding.

Version 2.3
Includes new dll file for Vista users. Fixed bug where the +20 dB setting
sometimes wasn't found under Vista.

Version 2.2
Fixed bug when running under Vista, the software would not select the proper output sound device.

Version 2.1.0
Fixed Windows mixer menu selections for Vista.

Version 2.0.0
Initial release for Windows Vista