MicroHam Micro Keyer II Setup for the CW I'der and Pulser

The MicroHam  Keyer series comes with software to manage serial ports (virtual and real) for controlling the Micro Keyer. This page describes setting up the Micro Keyer II. I am sure this will also help in setting up earlier versions.

This page describes setting up the serial ports for use with the CW I'der & Pulser.

Set up a virtual port in the MicroHam software as the PTT or 2nd PTT port under the Port Tab. Select RTS as the line/signal to use.

Set "Footswitch" to the same port. Select CTS.

Ensure "Sound Card PTT" is disabled under PTT tab.

Set the "Primary Serial Port" in the CW I'der software to the port setup above.

Disable raise RTS on CTS in the CW I'der software.

Set the Output sound device in the CW I'der to the MicroHam codec.

Make sure "I will be using a CAT program on the same port" is disabled. If you're going to use a CAT program, setup the MicroHam virtual port software for the CAT program.