RoMac Digital Audio Distortion Meter / Function Generator

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Last Updated Jan 31, 2010
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  1. How do I know if my computer and sound card are compatible with the RoMac Digital Audio Distortion Meter / Function Generator?
Download and install the program. After installation and the software starts up without an error, normally that means your system is compatible.

Not all sound cards are created equal! Creative and Santa Cruz cards seem to have excellent quality.  Although most sound cards today advertise a 44 Khz sampling rate, some of the inexpensive cards do not sample their microphone input at 44 Khz. The RoMac Digital Distortion Meter requires a sound card that actually samples the record input at 44 Khz. The sound card must have full duplex capability, at the full 16 bit. 44Khz sampling rate.

Without the license key the software operates with a few features disabled and will operate for 5 hours of cumulative running time.


  1. I get an error that only one instance of the RoMac Digital Audio Distortion Meter / Function Generator can be launched. 
Make sure you didn't start a second copy of the Distortion Meter. If it is the only instance that is running, it is probably due to lack of system resources or a sound card incompatibility. It may also be your preferred playback and recording devices in the Windows Control Panel are set to something other than your sound card.

Ensure your sound card drivers are up to date and DirectX compatible. Install DirectX 8.0 or higher.

The smallest system that the software has been tested on is a 400 MHz Celeron with 128 Mb. You will need to upgrade your memory capacity and/or processor.

  1. I get an error there is no sound card installed
Check the preferred sound devices in the Windows Control Panel. They should be set to your sound card, not something else such as a modem device or mapping device.
  1. License Key doesn't seem to work
Make sure you're not mixing zero's and the letter O. The "0" is a bit more elongated compared to the letter "O"
  1. When using the Function Generator and Distortion Meter at the same time the Level indicators on the Distortion Meter are not steady and can't seem to get a lock.
When using the Function Generator and Distortion Meter at the same time, make sure "Mute Meter Output" is checked. If its not checked the there will be mixing of the signals internal in the soundcard.
  1. When I try to select the "Windows Mixer" from the Sound Card menu, sometimes I don't get the proper Mixer or I get a system message about a problem with my hardware.

    Only Windows XP

This problem seems only to appear when there is a pluggable USB sound device. If the USB sound card is not the "Preferred Windows" device, the operating system does not offer it to my software, even though it appears in my software as a sound card, in the select sound card dialog.

To workaround this issue, when the incorrect Window's Mixer is shown, select "Options" then "Properties", and select the desired mixer.

If you get a message indicating a "Hardware" problem, it is probably a sound card with "non-standard" controls, such as the M-Audio Delta series.