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Revision Policy 

All our software is under constant development. It's our policy to post problems and revisions whenever we are notified of any problem with the software, whether it be a small problem or a large problem.

When updating to a newer version, you can just run the new installer package. If for some reason you need to install an earlier version uninstall the current version before installing the new version.

We thank all the loyal users of the software for their problem reports.

Reported Problems and Status of Problems

None Reported

Revision History

Version 1.8.0 Sept 27, 2018
Fixed detection of FT-991A

Version 1.7.0 March 5, 2015
Added detection of Yaesu FT-991

Version 1.6.0 November 17, 2014
Added detection of  Kenwood TS-590 SG

Version 1.5.0 October 11, 2014
Fixed problem with appending the date and time to filename.

Version 1.4.0 September 28, 2014
Added the date and time to the saved file name

Version 1.3.0  August 12, 2014
Fixed detection of Yaesu FT2000D

Version 1.2.0  June 23, 2014
Added option to disable Serial Port Handshaking, for some Kenwood CAT cables that tie the RTS and CTS pins together on cable.

Version 1.1.0  June 15, 2014
Added Kenwood TS-870 and TS-2000 to supported radio and Auto update when software starts.

Version 1.0.0  June 11, 2014
Initial release.