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Revision Policy 

All our software is under constant development. It's our policy to post problems and revisions whenever we are notified of any problem with the software, whether it be a small problem or a large problem.

When updating to a newer version, you can just run the new installer package. If for some reason you need to install an earlier version uninstall the current version before installing the new version. Previous versions may be found in the
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Reported Problems and Status of Problems

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Revision History

Version 6.0.0  Build Mar 24, 2023
Fixed problem with the Yaesu FT-10

Version 5.9.9  Build Jan 14, 2023
Added support for the new Yaesu FT-710

Version 5.9.8  Build Jun 14, 2021
Fixed Pulser where it would always shift frequency when using audio.

Version 5.9.7  Build Jun 9, 2021
Fixed shift when using audio for Morse code generation. While fixing the shift in DTR and CAT, I accidently broke it while in the audio mode.

Version 5.9.5  Build June 7, 2021
Fixed issue the frequency of the radio wasn't shifted properly. Elecraft radios when using the CAT command option, radio wouldn't go back to receive until after 20 seconds.

Version 5.9.5  Build March 29, 2021
Fixed issue contacting the the licensing server, due to change in my provider

Version 5.9.4  Build Feb 1, 2021
Fixed problem where the Yaesu FT-10 wasn't recognized.

Version 5.9.3  Build Jan 3, 2021
Added Yeasu FTDX-10 model

Version 5.9.2  Build Dec 13, 2019
Changed logic for TS-890 and TS-990. The front microphone stays active when sending ID. After ID is sent the USB audio is disabled, when "Switch to USB/VAC/DATA is enabled.

Version 5.9.1  Build November 9, 2019
Fixed problem with Kenwood TS-890 where front microphone wouldn't re-arm after ID, when "Switch to USB/VAC/DATA is enabled

Version 5.9.0  Build August 23, 2019
Fixed problem with Icom 7610 and 9700 wouldn't correctly switch to the USB interface, when "Switch to USB/VAC/DATA is enabled.

Version 5.8.9  Build July 28, 2019
When using the new Voice option for the ID, the wave file is now normalized to 0 dB (full volume). This should help with low volume when using the Voice option.

Version 5.8.8  Build July 16, 2019
Added ability to use Windows Text to Speech engine or a custom wave file for sending out the ID via a voice

Version 5.8.7  Build June 20, 2019
Added Yaesu FT-101D and Icom 9700 radios. Installer now installs a task to update the systems clock every 4 hours. Windows XP is no longer supported.

Version 5.8.6  Build May 13, 2019
Fixed problem where the mode would be forced to LSB when using a FT-897 or 857

Version 5.8.5  Build Apr 5, 2019
Fixed problem when using DTR for Morse code generations with the FT-897

Version 5.8.4  Build Mar 20, 2019
Added support for Yaesu FT-891, Kenwood TS-890 and TS-990.

Version 5.8.3  Build Feb 23, 2019
Added adjustable delay before first character is transmitted. The default is 200 ms. If the first character isn't transmitted properly, increase the delay time.

Version 5.8.2  Build Aug 25, 2018
Fixed problem with Yaesu FT-991 using the audio option.

Version 5.8.1  Build Jul 29, 2018
Fixed issue when using DTR code generation, some early Kenwood radios (TS-450 and 950) wouldn't pick up the Mode correctly. Fixed issue with Elecraft radios where sometimes the filter width wasn't restored correctly when using DTR or CAT (KY) for code generation.

Version 5.8.0  Build Apr 22, 2018
Added option for Pulser to disable frequency shift when using DTR or CAT code generation

Version 5.7.9  Build Feb 12, 2018
Fixed Icom 7610 support where use USB audio option was grayed out.

Version 5.7.8  Build Jan 28, 2018
Fixed Safe Handle close exception. Added Icom 7610 to supported radios.

Version 5.7.7  Build Dec 2, 2017
Fixed issue for Kenwood radios using Morse Code generation via CAT commands where occasionally the radio wouldn't stay keyed up.

Version 5.7.6  Build Nov 19, 2017
Fixed FT-991 issue with firmware version 3.0 (October 2017)

Version 5.7.5  Build Nov 3, 2017
Fixed issue when the software sometimes fails to connect to a Kenwood TS-990

Version 5.7.4  Build July 21, 2017
Fixed issue with Elecraft K3 not returning filter setting when using DTR or CAT for code generation.

Version 5.7.3  Build May 13, 2017
Fixed unhandled exception with Yaesu radios and using Send Code by CAT

Version 5.7.2  Build April 30, 2017
ID timer is now re-set from the time the ID starts instead of the completion of the ID. Not applicable to the "On Tens" mode.

Version 5.7.1  Build Feb 14, 2017
Fixed exception on startup where computer has no audio playback devices.

Version 5.7.0  Build Nov 11, 2016
Better exception handling. Other very minor bug fixes.

Version 5.6.9  Build Sep 6, 2016
Fixed issue  CW "Tone" was not being saved correctly.

Version 5.6.8  Build August 13, 2016
Fixed issue with "Detect TX" option. Added a VOX pause feature.

Version 5.6.7  Build July 31, 2016
Fixed occasional audio glitch with the Tuning Pulser. Added option to use a square wave for Tuning Pulser.

Version 5.6.6  Build July 3, 2016
Fixed issue with IC-7300 not disabling USB audio after ID. Fixed occasional issue leaving the radio in transmit after ID.

Version 5.6.5  Build April 26, 2016
Fixed problem with connecting to a Yaesu FTDX-1200.

Version 5.6.4  Build March 31, 2016
Added support for the Icom 7300, Fixed issue with switching to USB audio interface with the Icom 7100

Version 5.6.3  Build Feb 25, 2016
Minor code improvements .

Version 5.6.2  Build Feb 9, 2016
Fixed occasional hang-up leaving the radio in transmit after ID. Fixed "Wait to Unkey" option.

Version 5.6.1  Build Feb 7, 2016
Added capability to switch automatically to the DATA jack(port) on FTDX-1200

Version 5.6.0  Build Dec 1, 2015
Fixed Yaesu FT-3000 and FT-991 in modes other than SSB.

Version 5.5.9  Build October 21, 2015
Fixed restricting ID keying options with different serial port options

Version 5.5.8  Build August 30, 2015
Added support for the Icom 7850. Other minor code changes.

Version 5.5.7  Build August 20, 2015
Fixed issue using CAT command with Kenwood radios. Auto update now won't trigger a message box on startup, rather if a new version is available, "New Version" will be in the Menu bar. Added a button to select a sound device from the main setting dialog.

Version 5.5.6  Build July 25, 2015
Minor code cleanup. Fixed issue with I'der for Smart SDR.

Version 5.5.5  Build July 20, 2015
Fixed occasional issue while using CAT command method for Code Generation, where radio would remain in CW mode.

Version 5.5.4  Build July 1, 2015
Fixed occasional radio hanging up in TX after an ID sequence. Increased the evaluation time from 5 hours to 7.5 hours

Version 5.5.3  Build April 22, 2015
Fixed issue with new Yaesu FT-991 and some problems with FT-1200

Version 5.5.2  Build April 12, 2015
Added Find Radio routine that will search all the serial ports on a computer for a radio.

Version 5.5.1  Build March 11, 2015
Added support for SmartSdr (except Pulser via CAT commands). Fixed crash on shutdown on some systems.

Version 5.5.0  Build January 9, 2015
Added custom timing for Pulser.

Version 5.4.9  Build December 14, 2014
Fixed timing issues when using Morse code via CAT with Yaesu radios.

Version 5.4.8  Build November 12, 2014
Fixed issues that I created in the last version trying to fix the Signalink problems. Sorry !

Version 5.4.7  Build November 10, 2014
Fixed issue where the Detect Tx Activity control was grayed out and checked when using a Signalink interface.

Version 5.4.6  Build October, 2014
Fixed occasional unhandled exception during setting Serial Port settings.

Version 5.4.5  Build September 13, 2014
Fixed an international language issue in the License Manager.

Version 5.4.4  Build September 13, 2014
Fixed an unhandled exception on shutdown.

Version 5.4.3  Build July 29, 2014
Added a small delay to sending out ID when using Flex radios as the first Morse element was being chopped off.

Version 5.4.2  Build July 7, 2014
Fixed Yaesu CAT control where sometimes the radio wouldn't return to RX

Version 5.4.1  Build June 22, 2014
Removed startup message box about radio not being connected. Fixed erroneous Serial Port in use error message. Allow longer string in call sign textbox. Fixed some timing issues when using CAT for Morse code generation.

Version 5.4.0  Build May 22, 2014
Minor code cleanup, fixed occasional unhandled exception when closing program.

Version 5.3.9  Build April 5, 2014
Added a Wait till Unkey option when using the On Time or On Tens automatic keying option. If this option is selected, and the radio is keyed up when the ID should be sent out, it will wait until the radio is unkeyed, before sending out the ID.

Version 5.3.8  Build Mar 25, 2014
Fixed issue on some Yaesu radios where the software wouldn't pick up TX/RX transition in some modes. Other minor code changes.

Version 5.3.7  Build Mar 3, 2014
When using PowerSDR occasionally the CW I'der wouldn't restore the VOX setting after an ID. Fixed error handling if a previously used sound device wasn't found on the the computer.

Version 5.3.6  Build Feb 25, 2014
When using PowerSDR the I'der would leave the transmitter keyed up when using the On Tens option.

Version 5.3.5  Build Feb 21, 2014
When using PowerSDR and switch to VAC option, software won't restore the Vox setting on PowerSDR.

Version 5.3.4  Build Feb 20, 2014
Fixed installer on Windows 8 and 8.1, where it wouldn't install Managed DirectX. Added option to detect TX activity with the "On Time" and On Tens" option. If enabled, ID will be skipped if there was no TX activity in the previous ID time. Fixed problem with some radios not returning to the proper mode when using the DTR option to send code.

Version 5.3.3  Build Feb 13, 2014
Fixed occasional unhandled exception when starting up on some computers. Seems to happen more with slower computers.

Version 5.3.2  Build Feb 05, 2014
Fixed occasional  unhandled exception when starting up on some computers.

Version 5.3.1  Build Jan 27, 2014
Fixed unhandled exception when inputting a CIV address on Icom radios, when the Signal To is set to Icom (Other)

Version 5.3.0  Build Jan 20, 2014
Fixed occasional memory leak with certain sound cards installed. Fixed a unhandled arithmetic overflow error.

Version 5.2.9  Build Jan 15, 2014
Fixed occasional unhandled exception when the "Small Clock" is displayed.

Version 5.2.8  Build Jan 11, 2014
Fixed occasional unhandled exception when starting or shutting down the software. Other minor code cleanup.

Version 5.2.7  Build Jan 04, 2014
Fixed unhandled exception when accessing the License Manager when some languages are installed on Windows.