Notes for Newer Radios with built in USB Audio Interface
Icom 7100,7200,7300,7410,7600,7850,9100 & Kenwood 590, 990 & Yaesu 991,3000

With these new radios with their built in sound cards, along with a USB microphone, or a microphone connected to a sound card already in your computer, your entire setup will consist of the a microphone plugged into your computer and a single USB cable from the computer to the radio. 

These are general outlines in setting up the RoMac 2012 Equalizer with a radio that has built in USB audio Interface.

  1. All Equalizer operating modes are available. TX/RX mode will require you to use either the space bar for PTT or use an external PTT switch on a Serial Port. See using Aux Serial port in Help file.

  2. Download and install drivers for your make and model of radio.

    Icom :



  3. Sound devices for all of the radios will show up as "USB Audio Codec". In the RoMac 2012 Equalizer, Sound Devices->Select Sound Device, select USB Audio Codec for the Playback and Line in device. Also select your desired Microphone sound device.

  4. Except for Yaesu radios, the radio's serial port will show as a normal serial port. Yaesu radios there will two serial ports. Use the "Enhanced" serial port to connect the Equalizer software to the radio.

  5. Kenwood radios select "Kenwood USB" as the radio in "Signal To". Icom and Yaesu radios, use the radios menu to select the USB audio for transmit audio input. If desired also select the USB audio for receive audio.

  6. Audio levels are controlled by the the Equalizer software (Sound Devices->Set Levels) and via the menus in the radio.