Notes for Icom 7200,7410,7600 and Icom 9410

With these new Icom radios, along with a USB microphone, or a microphone connected to a sound card already in your computer, your entire setup will consist of the a microphone plugged into your computer and a single USB cable from the computer to the radio. 

There is also support to control the TX/RX modes of the equalizer with an external CAT program such as Ham Radio Deluxe. See help File under Serial Port Setup.

See here for details on a unit that will convert a dynamic or condenser microphone to use a USB port.

Users of the new RoMac 10 Band Equalizer 2012 should disregard notes about Windows XP

  1. Download and install (See Icom manual for details) the Icom sound device and USB/Serial port driver from the Icom website, click here...

  2. Set your radio for modulation input "USB".  (Use the "DATA OFF" menu, to select the USB audio)

  3. Download and install your USB microphone drivers, if using a USB microphone. (Some USB microphones will use a Windows driver)

  4. Download and install the RoMac 10 Band Equalizer (Legacy) or RoMac 10 Band Equalizer 2012.

  5. Start the equalizer software. Go to "Sound Card->Select Sound Card" (Vista & Windows 7 users will be taken to this dialog on initial startup)

  6. Select the Icom USB sound device for the Playback Device. (Output)

  7. Windows XP. Select the desired microphone device for "Mic and Line in Device"  It may be the name of the sound card or if using a USB microphone, it may be named something with USB in the name.

  8. Windows Vista & Windows 7  Under "Microphone Device" select the sound device with a connected microphone.

  9. Windows  XP.  Check the box that says "Different Device for Line In" 

  10. Select the Icom USB codec for "Line In Device"

  11. Select "Okay"

  12. Go to "Setup->Settings->Serial Port and CAT"

  13. Select the Serial Port for the Icom radio (If the Icom serial port is number above 16, use Windows to reassign the port to a number between
    1 and 16)

  14. Under "Signal To" select your radio.  If you have changed the default CIV address put the new address in "Addr" field (in hex)

  15. Set Baud to 19200, Parity- None, Bits - 8 ,Stop Bits 1, Flow - None  (Select 19200 baud, Not Auto, on the radio)

  16. Test the Serial Port settings with the "Test Button". Radio should be keyed for about 2 seconds.

  17. Use the transmit switch on the radio to toggle between transmit and receive, the TX and RX radio buttons should follow the radio.

  18. All Equalizer operating modes except "Rig Interface" will be available (Legacy-10 Band Equalizer). The CW I'der will also be operational. With the new RoMac 10 Band Equalizer 2012, you will be able to use the space bar as PTT in the TX?RX Mode or by using the Aux Serial port (See Help file)