RoMac 10 Band Equalizer 2012

Revision Policy 
All our software is under constant development. It's our policy to post problems and revisions whenever we are notified of any problem with the software, whether it be a small problem or a large problem.

When updating to a newer version, you can just run the new installer package. If for some reason you need to install an earlier version uninstall the current version before installing the new version. Previous versions may be found in the File Archives

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Reported Problems and Status of Problems

None Reported

Revision History

Version 2.5.1  (Build May 16, 2023)
Added Yaesu FTDX-10 and FT-710 radios

Version 2.5.0  (Build March 28, 2021)
Fixed issue where contacting the licensing server failed, due to a provider change.

Version 2.4.9  (Build June 20, 2020)
When applying the effects on a wave file, the echo effect wasn't being applied correctly.

Version 2.4.8  (Build May 13, 2020)
Added an Echo Effect to the the Effects Processor.

Version 2.4.7  (Build Oct 25, 2018)
Mostly a maintenance release. Fixes some uncommon issues and better miscellaneous error handling

Version 2.4.6  (Build Sep 9, 2017)
Fixed miscellaneous issues with recording and playing wave files.

Version 2.4.5  (Build Aug 17, 2017)
Fixed unhandled exception when playing back wave files when the EQ was in certain modes. Some changes to TX/RX logic for better performance.

Version 2.4.4  (Build Aug 12, 2017)
Hopefully fixed false positive virus with Kaspersky.

Version 2.4.3  (Build July 29, 2017)
Added fixed minimum receive audio for AGC.

Version 2.4.2  (Build May 31, 2017)
Added capability to use narrow receive filters for CW work. Fixed issue that sometimes a receive filter would not save session to session.

Version 2.4.1  (Build April 28, 2017)
Fixed occasional unhandled exception if an audio device didn't initialize properly.

Version 2.4.0  (Build March 5, 2017)
Fixed occasional erratic PTT when using the AUX serial port for PTT.

Version 2.3.9  (Build Feb 18, 2017)
Fixed unhandled exception(s) if a sound device and/or registry settings were corrupt for sound devices.

Version 2.3.8  (Build Jan 8, 2017)
Fixed issue where if compressor wasn't ever adjusted, a quick memory would trigger an error message about a control not being set correctly.

Version 2.3.7  (Build Nov 12, 2016)
Fixed occasional exception on shutdown. Other minor code cleanup/bug fixes.

Version 2.3.6  (Build May 26, 2016)
Fixed problem when passing the DTR pin through a virtual serial port and truncating the first CW element from a logging program. Better exception reporting.

Version 2.3.5  (Build Nov 29, 2015)
Fixed a unhandled exception when using Tune from the tray context menu. Increased performance and reliability when using a Virtual Serial Port for 3rd party software. Other minor code improvements.

Version 2.3.4  (Build Aug 30, 2015)
Added support for the Icom 7850. Changed way the auto update notifies. Instead of message box on startup, "New Version" will appear in menu bar. Fixed HRD IP connection. Sometimes would not find the correct TX button.

Version 2.3.3  (Build May 28, 2015)
Fixed an occasional unhandled exception setting VAC levels. Also fixed some error handling on selecting sound devices. Added a Refresh button to select sound devices, to refresh sound devices.

Version 2.3.2  (Build May 22, 2015)
Fixed an occasional unhandled exception when selecting sound devices

Version 2.3.1  (Build April 21, 2015)
Added routine to automatically find a radio on a serial port. Other minor code cleanup.

Version 2.3.0  (Build Mar 1, 2015)
Accidently left some debugging code in last nights release, which had disabled the AGC on receive.

Version 2.2.9  (Build Feb 29, 2015)
Added capability to connect to Ham Radio Deluxe via its IP server. Added a pseudo stereo mode. Fixed bug when changing memories in receive mode, the audio sometimes was muted. Other code cleanup.

Version 2.2.8  (Build Feb 13, 2015)
Fixed issue changing preset while CW identifier was active. Fixed Mic Gain control on main dialog, when other than the first Memory was selected.

Version 2.2.6  (Build Oct 25, 2014)
Fixed an unhandled exception with the CW I'der/

Version 2.2.5  (Build Sept 24, 2014)
Fixed an international language issue in the License Manager.

Version 2.2.4  (Build Sept 24, 2014)
Accidently introduced a unhandled exception on computers with no serial ports, in the last update

Version 2.2.3  (Build Sept 15, 2014)
Fixed a couple of unhandled exceptions. Tightened up the code for Elecraft, Yaesu, Kenwood, and Flex radios when using a virtual serial port with HRD or other 3rd party radio control software.

Version 2.2.2  (Build July 7, 2014)
Fixed problem with Yaesu radios where the CAT control sometimes would not return radio back to RX.

Version 2.2.1  (Build June 22, 2014)
Fixed unhandled exception with the Tune signal. Other minor code cleanup

Version 2.2.0  (Build May 6, 2014)
Added capability for 4 "Quick Memories" per Preset. Added capability to rename a preset. Other minor code cleanup.

Version 2.1.0  (Build April 20, 2014)
Added capability for the High and Low Pass sliders to be used on receive. Editorial changes to help file. Other minor code cleanup.

Version 2.0.0  (Build April 14, 2014)
Added capability to use separate and independent playback sound devices when using the software in it's RX/TX mode. Hopefully fixed an occasional un-handled exception on shutdown. Help file changes to include new feature.

Version 1.3.4  (Build Mar 25, 2014)
Fixed problem with some Yaesu radios software wouldn't pick up the TX/RX transition for the CW I'der . Other minor code cleanup.

Version 1.3.3  (Build Feb 20, 2014)
Fixed installer for Windows 8.1 where it wouldn't determine correctly if the Managed DirectX components were installed correctly. Other minor code cleanup.

Version 1.3.2  (Build Feb 13, 2014)
Fixed occasional unhandled exception when when starting up program. Seems to happen on slower computers.

Version 1.3.1  (Build Feb 05, 2014)
Fixed occasional unhandled exception when setting direct sound events. Other minor code improvements.

Version 1.3.0  (Build Jan 28, 2014)
Fixed issue where after recording the TX audio would quit, under some circumstances. Optimized the code used in managing the serial port traffic when using a pair of virtual serial ports with a 3rd party application.

Version 1.2.9  (Build Jan 20, 2014)
Fixed a couple of memory leaks, with certain sound cards installed on the computer, which may have caused the program to freeze.

Version 1.2.8  (Build Jan 12, 2014)
Fixed unhandled exception when opening Sound Devices dialog after changing sound devices after the program started. Added selection of "None" for the signal from Primary Serial Port (for Power SDR). Fixed program freezing up occasionally when changing setting in the Setup dialog. Other minor code cleanup. Software now will ignore signal from the Primary Serial Port when handshaking is set to RTS/CTS (typically Kenwood radios).

Version 1.2.7  (Build Jan 04, 2014)
Fixed occasional unhandled exception when accessing the license manager with some languages installed on Windows

Version 1.2.6  (Build Dec 15, 2013)
Fixed occasional unhandled exception when changing settings in the Settings Dialog.

Version 1.2.5  (Build Dec 13, 2013)
Fixed unhandled exception in Select Sound Devices dialog, when the list of sound devices on the computer changed from when the software first started up.

Version 1.2.4  (Build Nov 21, 2013)
Fixed unhandled exception in settings dialog. Minor code cleanup.

Version 1.2.3  (Build Aug 15, 2013)
Fixed unhandled exception when starting the software for the first time on some computers.

Version 1.2.2  (Build Aug 3, 2013)
Fixed problem where with some sound cards, the program would stay on the splash screen and not initialize the sound card correctly. Also fixed issue where licensed software would sometimes revert to the evaluation period.

Version 1.2.1  (Build July 02, 2013)
Fixed an issue that the Settings Dialog would produce errors loading when the computer has no serial ports and you could not close the Settings dialog.

Version 1.2.0  (Build June 29, 2013)
Fixed issue with the radio stuck in TX sometimes when the setting dialog is closed. Fixed issue when using a CAT port TX issue when using RTS. CW identifier now looks at the TX status of the radio before sending out ID in the On Time and On tens mode and will set the radio's TX status when the ID is done sending.

Version 1.1.9  (Build June 22, 2013)
Fixed issue with radio staying in TX when using the I'der in  On Time or On Tens. Fixed issue with the muting of output stream when using a VAC not being carried over to a new preset properly

Version 1.1.8  (Build May 23, 2013)
Fixed problem with using a virtual serial port and not using the option of keying via the CAT serial port. I may have introduced this issue in the update earlier today, so I decided I better put out the update.

Version 1.1.7  (Build May 23, 2013)
Fixed minor issues with CW Identifier, when "End of Xmit" not checked. Added a "On Tens" option to CW Identifier. Other minor code cleanup.

Version 1.1.6  (Build April 6, 2013)
Fixed receiving erroneous TX/RX CAT/CIV commands from radio. Other minor code cleanup.

Version 1.1.5  (Build March 23, 2013)
Added Kenwood USB to supported radio list to accommodate the Kenwood TS-590. When selected the software now will send the proper TX CAT command to utilize the USB audio codec. Re-worked the algorithms to calculate the latency of the audio stream. The PTT delay and PTT hang times should be more accurate. Users should check their PTT Delay and PTT Hang times. Most users should be able to run much lower delay and hang times. Added an "Estimated Latency"  field in the "Select Sound Device" form, so users will have a better understanding between selected Sample Rate and Buffer Size.

Version 1.1.4  (Build February 28, 2013)
Updated DSP In Meter calibration. Most sound cards should show some activity on the input meter. Reworked the way the DSP meters are updated, which should result in less audio glitches.

Version 1.1.3  (Build February 6, 2013)
Minor code updates to the TX/RX switching routines. Should make transitions from Rx to TX a bit less prone to the "Noise Burst" issue.

Version 1.1.2  (Build January 28, 2013)
Minor issues fixed, in License Manager and Serial Port Setup.

 Version 1.1.1  (Build January 9, 2013)
Added some extra logic to audio streams to ensure smoother switching and hopefully eliminate those rare Direct Sound exceptions.