Product Comparison Chart with W2IHY


RoMac 10 Band Equalizer

W2IHY Equalizer

Equalizer Bands 10 8
Equalizer Range +/- 16 dB +/- 16 dB
Noise Gate Yes Yes
Save Equalizer Settings Yes No
Quickly Save & Change Settings Yes No
Audio Compressor Yes Extra $359.99 (EQ Plus)
Calibrated Test Tone to Set Levels Yes No
Feedback Destroyer Yes (2 notches available) No
Separate Bass and Treble Controls Yes Extra $359.99 (EQ Plus)
Receive Filtering Yes No
Receive Auto Notch Filter Yes No
Receive DSP Noise Reduction Yes No
Adjustable Receive AGC Yes No
Automatic CW Identifier Yes No
Effects Processor - Reverb Yes Extra $359.99  (EQ Plus)
Effects Processor - Echo Yes Extra $359.99 (EQ Plus)
Record & Playback Sound Files Yes No
Future Upgrades Yes No

$39.95 Legacy RoMac 10 Band Equalizer
$44.95 RoMac 10 Band Equalizer 2012
Full features require a "Rig Interface" such as the West Mountains RigBlaster Pro.
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 Recommended sound card is the M-Audio Delta 44, See here for tested sound cards...
$269.99  8 Band Equalizer
+ $359.99 EQ Plus 
+ 2 cables @ $30.00 ea. =


Information from W2IHY website as of Dec 25, 2008.